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Take advantage of 27 Cutting Edge Classes at the Luxurious 4 Star Hotel  “The Chateau on the Lake” in Branson MO on Kentucky Derby Weekend on May 2-6, 2019! 

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Classes Include

  • Nine new, cutting-edge seller negotiation strategies that will give your business an unfair advantage.

  • How to enhance your negotiation skills with sellers, buyers, and contractors.

  • How to triple your passive income by using Air BnB, HomeAway, VRBO, and FlipKey.

  • How to negotiate kickass seller financing deals.

  • Learn the critical differences between the 5 types of self-directed IRAs so you know which one is the best for you and your family.

  • Learn step by step how to do real estate deals in a self-directed IRAs so you never pay income tax on your profits (this is an all-day class!).

  • The strategies that will get you free & clear properties in 6 years or less.

  • The correct way to do private lending from an IRA Account.

  • Learn the critical Metrics for Structuring Capital. 

  • How to stop lawsuits by creating the appearance on public record that you have no equity in your real estate.

  • Learn the critical ins and outs of 1031 exchanges to avoid paying taxes on the sale of a property.

  • Learn which types of trusts are the most beneficial to real estate investors for estate planning and tax reduction.

  • How to identify the tax strategies that result in the lowest possible taxes for real estate investors.

  • How to find all the “Off Market” motivated leads you need to bypass your competition.

  • How to change your wholesale business today so it works. It is a completely different business than 2 years ago.

  • Learn the 15 top negotiation skills to use on sellers from a guy who owns 386 rental properties. (He is the best negotiator I have ever seen one on one with sellers.)

  • Get a whole day on Business Management (Monday May 6th). I will be teaching you how to improve your time management skills, how to be a better business leader, how to delegate off the tasks that slow you down, how to find and hire high quality employees to do the tough stuff, and how to work less and make more.

Plus Much More!


These are just some of the 27 cutting edge classes we have scheduled. We will be having 4 class rooms going on simultaneously. You will get to pick the curriculum that improves your business the most! 


Grab your Gold Level VIP seat at the discounted price of $279!

Just click the button or call 352-351-8061